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Best Australia Day Recipes | Sophia's Kitchen

Best Australia Day Recipes

Australia Day is right around the corner, and this means it’s time to start cooking up a feast! Obviously I’m not from Australia, but such a big portion of my readers come from Oz that I really feel a special connection to the place! Also, it’s where Jesse proposed to me, so how could I not love it!? In preparation for Australia’s big day, I’ve put together this list of the absolute best Australia Day recipes from the blog. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

Lamington Swiss Roll

It doesn’t get much more Aussie than lamingtons! The combination of jam, cream, sponge cake, chocolate and coconut is such a classic, and appeals to pretty much everyone! This fabulous Lamington Swiss Roll is the perfect celebratory cake for Australia Day. It is so moist and tasty, and it lasts really well in the fridge for up to four days, making it the perfect make-ahead dessert for your Australia Day celebrations. Just make sure not to overwork the batter – it is a genoise sponge, and the batter is very delicate. You can find the recipe here!

Thermomix Lamington Swiss Roll

Fig & Honey Pavlova

Don’t you just love the smell of a fresh pavlova? The perfectly crunchy outside followed by the foamy and chewy inside is the best combination! I love this Fig and Honey Pavlova for Australia Day, as not only do figs grow beautifully in Australia (if you have a tree in your backyard you can use your own fresh, homegrown figs – even better!) but the Aussies also produce really amazing honey – two ingredients that really make this dessert shine. I did read once that pavlova actually comes from New Zealand, but the Australians have really claimed this dish as their own, and now it’s such an Aussie classic. Find the recipe here.

fig & honey pavlova

Ham and Cheese Sliders

These Ham and Cheese Sliders are the perfect dinner for entertaining a crowd! Ham and cheese is a classic combo, and will make everyone happy. These sliders are really easy to prepare using your Thermomix, and you can even prepare them in advance and freeze them before you add the drizzle, unpacking and defrosting when the big day arrives. They really are the ultimate party food, and they look so impressive all stacked up on a big platter. You can find the recipe for these here.

Thermomix Ham and Cheese Sliders

Lemon Lamingtons

These delicious lemon Lamingtons are my lemony Thermomix twist on the classic Lamington recipe. The tangy tartness of the lemon curd sandwiched between deliciously fluffy sponge cake squares, then dipped into zesty lemony goodness and rolled in coconut will totally change the way you think about Lamingtons! I can hear the Australians gasping from here, but trust me – they’re so worth it (I promise!). They’re refreshing and moist, perfect for hot Australian summer days. Grab the recipe here.

Lemon Lamingtons | Sophia's Kitchen

Feta Sausage Rolls

Okay, so these Feta Sausage Rolls are technically listed on the blog as a Christmas recipe, but I couldn’t resist adding them into this collection of the best Australia Day recipes. Why? Because the Aussies love their pastries! Of course I had to put a Sophia twist on them by adding the feta, but I really think it adds a special something. These sausage rolls are the perfect party bite for the whole crowd, and again, are really great for making ahead if you’re planning a get-together. You can find tips for preparing and storing these sausage rolls in the recipe, which you can find here.

thermomix feta sausage rolls

Lamington Ice Cream Popsicles

I love Lamingtons (as you can probably tell now you’ve made it this far in the list!) and I love ice cream, so what’s not to love about Lamington ice cream popsicles? This is a super easy Thermomix recipe, and it’s even dairy-free! The base recipe for this is so customisable and you can easily adapt it to make your own combination, but for Australia Day I don’t think you can go past this Lamington flavour – and don’t they look gorgeous? Plus, I’ll take any excuse to eat more ice cream! A little tip I love is if you don’t have any raspberry jam, simply mix in 1 Tbsp chia seeds into the raspberries and a little sweetener of your choice, then let sit for 15 minutes before you use it to make the popsicles. Voila! You can get the recipe for these here.

lamington ice cream popsicles


How are you spending your Australia Day? What are you cooking? Don’t forget to leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you! From all of us at Sophia’s Kitchen, have an amazing Australia Day!

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