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Gluten Free Naan Bread

Gluten Free Naan

  For quite a while now I've wanted to create a naan recipe that is gluten free, while still being that lovely naan texture. Finally I've cracked it, and it's so quick and easy to make that it will become a staple side for your curry nights. There's nothing better than mopping up that tasty…

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Sophia’s Gluten Free Flour Blend

Sophia's Gluten Free Flour Blend | Sophia's Kitchen

This is my special Sophia’s gluten free flour blend. I have been testing and testing and testing and I've finally found a flour blend that works really well for bread, cakes, pastries and pizza!You can use it in place of any standard plain flour in cakes, pastries and cookies, but make sure you follow specific…

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Low Carb Bread

Low Carb Bread | Sophia's Kitchen

  This one is for all my low carb, gluten free fans out there. I have been wanting to make a bread that ticks many boxes and is suitable for all ketogenic people out there. My mum is a huge fan of this one as it really works and she uses goats milk yoghurt instead…

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How to beat eggs

How to beat eggs | Sophia's Kitchen

Beating eggs in your Thermomix may seem quite self-explanatory, but it really is one of the most important functions to learn. Poorly beaten eggs can be the difference between a beautiful cake, and one that just flops. Basically, your absolute best friend when it comes to beating eggs is your Butterfly. Using your Butterfly will…

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Date and Walnut Loaf

Date and Walnut Loaf | Sophia's Kitchen

  There's not many things better than a warm slice of this cozy loaf with lashings of butter. Dates and walnuts compliment each other so well – the sweetness of the dates and the slightly bitter nuttiness of the walnuts makes for a totally mouthwatering recipe. Best served with a big cup of tea!

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Thermomix Salmon Spinach Tart

thermomix salmon spinach tart

This super tasty Thermomix Salmon Spinach Tart is one of the tastiest dinners or lunches for the whole family. The recipe is easy to prepare and makes a healthy dinner. When it is that time of the day again and you completely forgot to prepare something for the kids and the husband or even for…

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Thermomix Elderflower Drizzle Cake

thermomix elderflower drizzle cake

  Try this beautiful Thermomix Elderflower drizzle cake if you need something refreshing but sweet for your next afternoon tea party. Feeling like something light and fluffy? Then this Thermomix elderflower drizzle cake is the perfect thing for you to bake next. Elderflower is in season now and goes so well with lemon in this…

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Thermomix Chocolate Fudge Cake

thermomix chocolate fudge cake

  This Thermomix chocolate fudge cake is the ultimate gluten free pleasure. It contains olive oil instead of butter and is the perfect dessert. If you think gluten free baking is hard, think again. This absolutely delicious Thermomix chocolate fudge cake is the perfect dessert for a ladies’ night in or after a big family…

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Thermomix Chocolate Tart

Thermomix Chocolate tart

  This Thermomix chocolate tart is almost forbidden it is that good. The sea salt really complements the taste of the chocolate and deepens its flavour. Simple recipe for a perfect dessert. Just like the great movie classic, chocolate tart is absolutely fabulous. The creamy ganache topping is well balanced by its light and crispy short crust…

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