Thermomix Online Courses

Something exciting is coming very soon, Sophia's very first online courses. Register your interest now to be the first to know when they launch, and for an early bird discount.


Learn how to be a Thermomix expert

Want to learn how to steam up a storm in your Varoma? Or how to make the perfect sourdough bread? Sophia has got you covered with her brand new series of Thermomix online courses.


Excellent video based courses

All courses come with extensive video materials, recorded in Sophia's kitchen, so you feel like you are learning right next to her. You can access these videos whenever you want, over and over again!


Course materials and recipe inspiration

Sophia has designed all Thermomix online courses to include detailed written course materials with extra recipe ideas to keep you inspired even after you have finished the course.

 Almost ready to go...

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Want to learn from Sophia in person?

Check out her UK based classes where she teaches you some amazing cooking and baking skills directly from her kitchen.