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leftover egg whites & yolks | sophia's kitchen

It’s happened to us all at some point: you’re cleaning out your fridge, and you find tucked away an old container full of either egg yolks or whites that were leftover from a recipe goodness knows how long ago. Your intentions were good, in that you were going to keep them to use in something else, but you never quite figured out what that “something else” would be. I’ve been there. That’s why I’ve decided to compile this list of the 10 best ways to use leftover egg whites and egg yolks – so you can keep those leftovers with confidence knowing you’ve got the perfect recipe to use them in!

How to store egg whites:

Before we can even think about what recipes to use our leftover eggs in, we need to know how to store them properly. Egg whites are actually really easy to store: they keep for two days in the fridge in an airtight container (to avoid them drying out). Alternatively, they also freeze really well. Either freeze them in batches, if you’re planning on using a few at a time, or use an ice cube tray to freeze the whites individually, making them super easy to pop out and defrost in the fridge as you need them. Just remember: once you’ve defrosted them you can’t freeze them again, so make sure you only defrost what you need.

How to store egg yolks:

Egg yolks are a little trickier to store, only in that they don’t freeze well. Egg yolks are very susceptible to drying out, so the freezer isn’t the best place for them. They will keep for two days in the fridge in an airtight container, just ensure that you add a little splash of water to the container as well to keep them from drying and forming a skin. It’s important to practice good food hygiene when handling and storing egg yolks, so just make sure the container you keep them in is clean, and you only store them for short periods of time.

Best ways to use up egg whites:

steamed bagels | sophia's kitchen

Steamed Bagels

If you only have one or two egg whites to use up, bagels are the perfect recipe. Use the egg whites to glaze the top of them, which helps the sesame or poppyseeds to stick to the top and create a lovely shiny finish. Bagels have always been something that fascinate me. Their chewy texture is perfect for smoked salmon and heaps of cream cheese. But I just have to say, when you steam these bagels instead of boiling them they become something completely new and I would never go back now that I have discovered the fluffiness of a steamed bagel.

Thermomix pink meringue kissesPink Meringue Kisses

One of the most obvious ways to use up a few leftover egg whites are with come cute meringues! Everyone likes to get a little kiss or two so why not make some sweet kisses with meringue and wrap them cutely to give to your loved one? There are endless possibilities for these pink meringue kisses. Whether you add some raspberry extract, coconut extract, peppermint extract or any other flavouring you like, they are definitely a hit with meringue fans.

Basic Italian MeringueBasic Italian Meringue

In keeping with the meringue trend, this basic Italian meringue recipe is my absolute go-to. There is not much else you can do to get a better meringue than this beautiful and fluffy Italian meringue. It is actually surprisingly easy to make at home and you only need a little patience and a pinch of confidence. Don’t worry, it will work out and you will be so happy you have attempted this wonderful Italian meringue because there is no going back after that.

Thermomix macaronsMacarons

If you’re feeling confident and want to try something a little fancier, use your leftover egg whites to make a gorgeous batch of macarons! I used to be terrified of making macarons, but after quite a few very successful attempts, I have perfected a super delicious macaron recipe that is definitely worth a try for anyone who felt just like me or feels adventurous. You can do it – I promise! You can use any colour combination you like, and it’s super fun playing around with flavours!

thermomix raspberry coconut marshmallowsRaspberry Coconut Marshmallows

Needing a last-minute gift, and you just so happen to have some leftover egg whites that need using? These Raspberry Coconut Marshmallows are out of this world and much easier than you think using your Thermomix. They make such perfect little edible gifts, and look far more complicated than they actually are! These marshmallows are right at the top of my all time favourite recipes. They are so fluffy and the coconut complements the raspberry so well.

Best ways to use up egg yolks:

thermomix lemon bakewell slice

Lemon Slice

If you only have one egg yolk that you just don’t know what to do with, how about making a delicious, zesty lemon slice? It just so happens I have the perfect recipe! This Lemon Slice is such a tasty snack in between meals or for afternoon tea. It is easy to prepare using the Thermomix and made with the fastest frangipane ever, and will get that pesky leftover egg yolk used up quick smart.

passionfruit tartPassionfruit Tart

Leftover egg yolks have never tasted so good! This recipe, I admit, is full of passion (pun intended, haha). Ok, now I got that out of the way, this beautiful and super tasty passionfruit tart is the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy tart base and a citrusy passionfruit filling that is just the right consistency. You will notice this tart will set all of a sudden in the oven, so do make sure you keep a close eye on it!

thermomix Portuguese custard tartsPortuguese Custard Tarts

I am an absolute sucker for Portuguese Tarts! Some people like to over-complicate the making of them, but they really can be quite straightforward. These are the easiest and best Portuguese custard tarts I have come across so far and so easy to make in the Thermomix – the recipe is so simple and ready in no time. Plus, they’ll use up 4 egg yolks!

thermomix custardCustard

I like to say that custard is one of the fundamental basics in life. Jesse isn’t as keen on it, but honestly, I love custard so much it’s crazy. I’ve spent ages perfecting a recipe that is beautiful and creamy and the perfect dessert… and it uses a whopping 6 egg yolks! A little while ago I curated my 5 tricks for the perfect custard, so you get it exactly how you like it, every time.

cookie dough ice creamCookie Dough Ice Cream

One of my favourite ways to use leftover egg yolks is in ice cream! Making ice cream with egg yolks makes the end result even richer and creamier – there’s no comparison. Cookie Dough Ice Cream is such an indulgent treat to bring out the inner child in everyone. Try not to eat all the cookie dough before you put it into the ice cream!! If you want to make it extra indulgent you can add some homemade chocolate chip cookies and make a gigantic ice cream sandwich.

How do you use up any leftover egg yolks or egg whites that you end up with? If you have any go-to recipes or tips I’d love to hear from you! Just drop me a comment below.

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