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How to beat eggs

How to beat eggs | Sophia's Kitchen

Beating eggs in your Thermomix may seem quite self-explanatory, but it really is one of the most important functions to learn. Poorly beaten eggs can be the difference between a beautiful cake, and one that just flops.

Basically, your absolute best friend when it comes to beating eggs is your Butterfly. Using your Butterfly will ensure consistent, fluffy and well-incorporated eggs.

To get perfect beaten eggs, simply insert your Butterfly into the mixing bowl, add your eggs, and replace the lid. Beat the eggs for 10 Sec / Speed 4. Remove the lid and check – if you’re simply looking to incorporate your eggs together, that should be enough time. If your recipe calls for a fluffy consistency, replace the lid and put back on 20 Sec / Speed 4. You really don’t want to over-beat your eggs, as this can really give your cakes and biscuits a tough texture, so just make sure you keep checking on how your eggs are looking. If your eggs are a lovely pale colour and seem to have expanded a little in volume, you’re good to go!

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This all being said, if you’re making something that needs more structure, like a Genoise sponge or a Swiss roll, you’ll need to beat your eggs for much longer, to ensure they’re beautifully fluffy and stable. If you’re preparing one of these cakes, your eggs will need to be beaten for 6 Min / 37°C / Speed 4, then for a further 6 Min / Speed 4. This really ensures that the sponge is given enough stability to make it amazing and fluffy.

Voilá! You just learned how to beat eggs!

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