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How to use Thermi Servebowls

You’ve probably already heard of the trend and read about thermo serving bowls and thought to yourself, why do I need them? What are they good for anyway and why can’t I just use my normal metal bowls at home to prepare food and store it? Read on to find out more about the wonders of Thermi Servebowls and its many uses.

Thermi Servebowls come in many sizes and are so handy to have at home. Not only are they stackable and space-saving, they are also very useful during your food prep routine. You can use them to keep your food hot or cold for hours and these best practice tips will help you make the most of them. If you don’t know what a Thermi Servebowl is and why you should be using them anyway, here is a little overview of just how much they can do and how handy they can be in your everyday cooking and baking life.

I use my Thermi Servebowls everyday and have multiple of them in the kitchen, one for keeping my dough at a steady temperature, one for larger salads, one to prepare my pasta while cooking the sauce in the Thermomix, one to keep the soup warm, one for my dessert ice cream, one for my sauce and so many more for all sorts of other reasons. They are also quite nice to keep your food in and take it to work as portable lunches.


Best Practice – How to use Thermi Servebowls

Here are some of my top tips for keeping your Thermi Servebowls in great shape and getting the maximum capacity out of them.

  1. To keep the temperature of your food stable for even longer, heat or cool the bowl before use. When storing hot food, simply pour boiling water into your Thermi Servebowl and let sit for a couple of minutes and pour out the water or place in the oven for a few minutes without the lid. Then you can simply place your food in! If you’re keeping food cold, place your Servebowl in the fridge for five or ten minutes before use.
  2. Ensure the lid is tightly sealed when storing your food – you may need to press it down harder than your expect to create a really tight seal.
  3. To achieve better results, make sure there is as little space as possible between the food and the lid so that no heat or cold can escape and food stays warmer for longer.
  4. It’s fine to put your bowl in the dishwasher, but try not to put the lid in if you can avoid it. The hot water and crowded environment may make the lid lose its shape, which would mean it wouldn’t seal as well.
  5. Do not use your bowl on a stovetop.
  6. When transporting your Thermi Servebowl, use the free cotton bag you received with your bowl to keep it looking pristine.
  7. Avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners to ensure your bowl remains beautiful and shiny.
  8. Once in a while you may notice some discolouration, this can be cleaned with some lemon juice or vinegar.

Ways to use your Thermi Servebowls

The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to different ways to use your Thermi Servebowl! Below is a list of some of my favourite ways to use mine.

  • Prove bread dough (don’t warm the bowl before)
  • Keep ice frozen for parties (freeze the bowl before for optimum results)
  • Pre-prepare your meals to make serving a breeze
  • Keep rice or pasta warm while cooking your sauce
  • Use it as an incubator to make homemade yoghurt
  • Resting your risotto before eating to absorb any excess liquid
  • Marinating meats
  • Serve sorbets and ice creams to stop them from melting (freeze the bowl before for optimum results)
  • Make and transport fresh salads easily
  • Cooking pasta (yes, I’m serious! Put dried pasta in your Servebowl, cover with boiling water, replace the lid and wait. In about 20 minutes your pasta will be cooked to perfection!)
  • Keep tortillas warm while you’re heating up more – also stops them from drying out Soak nuts, rice, grains or dried goods prior to cooking them
  • Keep pre-cooked meat hot at barbecues and dinner parties
  • Heat baby food
  • Keep seafood, such as prawns or mussels, cold
  • Make your own Haloumi
  • Keep fruit salad fresh
  • Cooking couscous

FAQs – some of the most popular questions I’ve been asked

I’ve been asked many questions about Thermi Servebowls but I have highlighted some of the most popular ones for you in case you’ve been wondering about something similar.

My food cooled down/warmed up too quickly! Is my bowl faulty? 

There’s a few reasons your food might have cooled or warmed quicker than you expected – one is that you’re using a bowl that’s too big for the amount of food you’re trying to keep warm/cold. An important part of keeping the food’s temperature is making sure there’s as little empty space inside the bowl as possible. Use a small bowl for small amounts of food and a larger bowl for large amounts of food. Simple as that! Another reason is that the lid may not be totally sealed. It’s important to push the lids on tightly in order to create the snug fit which will really keeps the temperature of your food from escaping.


Is my bowl dishwasher safe? 

Your Thermi Servebowl is dishwasher safe, but you will need to hand wash the lid to ensure it doesn’t become misshapen, so it can keep your food the right temperature for a long time to come.


Why are there marks inside my bowl even after I’ve washed it? 

These bowls are made from a very high-quality steel, which can discolour after some use – just like the bowl of your Thermomix! These marks can be easily removed with your cleaning agent of choice or a simple wash with lemon juice or vinegar.


The lid of my Thermi Servebowl looks like it is bent, is that normal? 

The especially designed lid of the Thermi Servebowl creates a very snug fit for the bowl so it is cut in a way that is very pliable and bendy so it can look like it is bent but that is purposefully done to help sell the bowls really tightly. Nothing to worry about!

You can download this post as a handy guide for your phone by clicking here.

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  1. Sheina Wibrew on September 7, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    Hi, can you tell me how many sizes there are of the thermie bowls. In the picture above it looks like 4 but you mention 2.sizes. Thanks. Sheina

    • Weehooey A Weehooey A on September 8, 2017 at 7:44 am

      Hi Sheina, of course. I sell 4 sizes. You can get them via this link.

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