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Want to learn how to make bread with your Thermomix? Join me in a 7-day fun challenge with live tutorials, recipe demos and a free eBook.


Learn how to make amazing bread

Are you new to baking bread with Thermomix? Or do you simply want to have some guided learning? Sign up to my brand new 7 days, 7 breads challenge. It is all FREE and guaranteed to be lots of fun.


Free video tutorials for every recipe

Free video tutorials for every recipeReceive a shopping list and every day during the challenge you can join me in a video tutorial. It’s like a seminar just from the comfort of your own home.


Free eBook and baking support

You will also receive a free ebook and every two weeks you can join me on Facebook for a bread surgery in which you can ask any of your burning questions (pun intended).

Almost ready to go...

Ready to take the challenge? Sign up today to get started!

Just signed up?

Get the ultimate bread baking equipment here to set you up for success.