I’ve officially rebranded to Sophia’s Kitchen, formerly Thermomix Baking Blogger, and I cant wait to continue my baking journey with you!

Nice for you to stop by. I am Sophia, the face behind Sophia's Kitchen. Together with my partner Jesse and my cats Tobi & cookie we are aiming to conquer the world of Thermomix baking one tasty cookie at a time. I am originally from Germany and my passion for baking goes back to when I was only five. My dad who was a professional baker since he was seventeen taught me everything I needed to become a true amateur baker at home. I loved how everything was very simple and was easy to follow back then so I tried to keep this philosophy and make it an integral part of my recipe development. In August 2015 I finally decided to start a blog, sharing the love I have for baking and created a platform for everyone to learn and get inspired. It’s been the most rewarding and fantastic journey and I cannot wait to inspire more of you on a daily basis.

- meet the team



Creator of Yummy Food

Originally from Germany, the founder of Thermomix Baking Blogger, Sophia, has been baking for as long as she could hold a mixing spoon. Her father became a professional baker at the age of seventeen, and taught Sophia everything she needed to become a baking extraordinaire. She’s in charge of the good looks of the products and delicious recipes on the blog.



Tech geek in the pod

Working his magic behind computer screens, Jesse is in charge of keeping our online shop neat and tidy. He’s the chief tech hero and always finds new ways to create inspiring content. He's also getting quite good at sourdough baking which means when he’s not fixing Sophia’s mess, you can find him raiding the cheese cupboard to find something to put on his freshly baked bread.


Tobi & Cookie

Chief Meringue tasters

Arguably the most important duo in the Thermishop family, Tobi and Cookie ensure that no food goes untested. They adore Sophia’s Thermomix and are never too far away from the meringue which particularly appeals to their distinguished palettes. They’re the official office mascots and in charge of getting lots of cuddles.