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How to Protect your Thermomix Scales

How to Protect Your Thermomix Scales | Sophia's Kitchen

Your scales are the most important part of your Thermomix. They’re intricately engineered to be ultra-precise, and are probably the most used part of your machine. I know they’re the most used part of mine! Even when I’m not cooking in the Thermomix, I’m using it to weigh out my ingredients. Because they’re such an integral part of your machine, it’s very important you know how to correctly use and look after your scales so that they’ll stay precise and functioning well. That’s why I’m bringing you the ultimate guide on how to protect your Thermomix scales!

Get to know your scales

Did you know that your Thermomix scales aren’t actually in the machine itself? They’re actually those four little feet on the bottom of your machine! You can weigh either into your Thermomix directly, or you can simply place a bowl on top of the Thermi lid and weigh straight into that. You can also access the scales at any point during cooking in your Thermomix – simply press the scales button and you can weigh in whatever you need to.

A great way to check that your scales are functioning correctly is to weigh your measuring cup. The measuring cup for the TM6 or TM5 will weigh 40 grams, and the TM31 measuring cup weighs between 25 – 30 grams.

Don’t drag your Thermomix!

This is the golden rule when it comes to protecting your Thermomix scales: never, ever drag your Thermomix across a surface! This is a sure-fire way to damage your delicate scales. That being said, the Thermomix is a heavy appliance, and it’s not always easy to pick up and place back down your machine, particularly not if it’s in the middle of cooking! That’s when a Thermi Ergoslide comes in handy. Your Thermomix sits directly on top of the Thermi Ergoslide, which has been specially designed to glide across countertops and protect your scales. The Ergoslide is made from industrial-strength natural acrylic stone and is designed to sit flush against your wall, providing you with ultimate protection and a gorgeous piece of kitchen hardware.

Be careful when cleaning

It’s important every now and then to give your scales a clean – but this does need to be done carefully, as it’s easy to accidentally knock your scales which can create all sorts of problems. The best way to clean the scales underneath your Thermomix is by gently tilting your machine onto its side, exposing two feet at a time, and wiping them gently with a warm, damp, soapy cloth. This will get off any crumbs or food residue that may have collected on your scales, which will cause them to jump when you try to weigh your ingredients.

Jumping scales?

Speaking of jumping scales, there’s a number of things which can cause this really annoying problem:

  • As stated before, it could be that crumbs or food residue have collected under or around the Thermomix scales. Simply wipe the scales down and they should be good as new.
  • Look at the area around your machine – is there anything leaning on or touching your Thermomix? A cookbook, a dish, a bag of rice… anything touching your machine will make your scales inaccurate and jumpy. Just move the item away and your scales will return to normal.
  • Make sure the machine’s cord isn’t wrapped up underneath the Thermomix. The cord has to be extended fully, and not wound around the bottom of the machine to make sure the scales operate properly.
  • Is your Thermomix on a solid, even surface? If your countertops are a little uneven or it’s sat on a wobbly chopping board, your scales aren’t going to be happy. The Thermi Ergoslide is the perfect fix for that problem.

* * *

What do you do to protect the scales on your Thermomix? Have any of these tips solved your jumpy scales? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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